Story of Koishi

KOISHI, Údolní 11, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republika
Phone: +420 777 564 744

Story of Koishi

The concept and the physical appearance of the restaurant KOISHI originated almost two years. But Janko Martinkovič began playing with an idea to open his own business decades ago. His dream dot clearer outlines in 2006 when he found an ideal place for his plan in emerging gourmet district on Údolní Street.

In spite of various technical and organizational problems, KOISHI’s final form has begun to crystallize in the spring of 2009. The KOISHI has redeveloped the delays with structural work in a creative process of fine-tuning even the smallest details – KOISHI acquired high-quality staff, Japanese sushi masters, and stylish interiors.

For eight years, the chef Petr Pučík ruled the kitchen only to be replaced by his long-time sous-chef Martin Babica in mid-2017 who took over the imaginary rudder of a restaurant focused on contemporary fish cuisine and Euro-Asian fusion. But even he eventually handed over his scepter and chef Tomáš Dolníček currently reigns in the kitchen. An integral part of the Koishi gastronomic mosaic is a Japanese sushimaster.

KOISHI is not just a restaurant. Summer seating in the yard is likely to expand to event in Prague “KOISHI on the boat”, in the KOISHI SHOP you can get ingredients for sushi and Asian cuisine as well as delicacies from other gourmet destinations.

To these two pillars have been added PETIT CRU wine bar & shop in the autumn of 2010 which elegantly complements the restaurant’s offer with selection of at least 500 wines from all over the world as well as a selection of delicacies from French Alsace, Provence, Austrian, Italy or Spain. The uniqueness of this business is the personal approach of two professional sommeliers and the opportunity to “have a glass of wine” from at least 40 kinds of open bottles from around the world. The educational focus of the PETIT CRU is supported by regular guided tastings and presentations in adjacent wine bar archive.

If you are looking for the ideal location for your event, we can provide you with an unforgettable experience for both you and your party.

Take delight in a romantic date as well as a celebration for 20 people at KOISHI.

If you are planning a celebration and are looking for the ideal location, we offer an unforgettable experience for you and your guests, be it an intimate meeting or a party for 20. Enjoy...

Euro-Asian fusion and sushi restaurant
KOISHI Interior

Simple, thoughtful, clean, local, precise, discrete

Interior designer Nicol Gale was published in the ERA21 magazine with her project proclaimed to be among the best in the country.