About us

The basis of the KOISHI restaurant’s a la carte is composed of original and contemporary European cuisine combined with Asian elements.
For eight years, the chef Petr Pučík ruled the kitchen only to be replaced by his long-time sous-chef Martin Babica in mid-2017 who took over the imaginary rudder of a restaurant focused on contemporary fish cuisine and Euro-Asian fusion.
First-class ingredients are the cornerstones of our philosophy. However, the fine dining is a mosaic of many other qualities without which we can not imagine the services we offer.

Meet the Chef
Martin Babica

He traversed the path to success and his current position as the chef in one of the best Czech restaurants in the well-known Brno companies focused on local ingredients where he learned how to work with meat, sea fish, and to prepare home-made pastry.

However, he gained his first experience in the heart of the Moravian Wallachia Mountains, his birthplace. As a freshly trained chef, he was enchanted by the handmade cheeses and sausages and working with meat from local breeding farms. “Journeys to Asia have expanded my horizons a lot, and I was slowly starting to understand Vsetín is just a stepping stone.” After several years moving to Brno was a clear choice.

He was attracted by higher gastronomy and the possibility of further development. After several destinations, he ended up as a representative in Petr Fučík’s team in the fish restaurant KOISHI as his representative to become his successor after seven years. “I enjoy working with high-quality ingredients and the ability to play with different tastes.” Making food for a demanding customer spiced with challenges such as festivals and various top gastronomic presentations inspires him. But when you ask for his favorite food he will tell you: “Duck with cabbage and bread dumplings, I like the best!” And what of his skills would he use to get a girl to like him? “I will bake a Wallachian frgál [traditional pie] for her!” he laughs.

According to him the most influential was the internship in Rennes, France where he had the opportunity to work with several Michelin chefs. “I liked how they are willing to invest their time in children and youth. That they think long-term, into the future. “

Among his most successful recipes are Zander with leek puree and snails, duck ravioli with demi-glace, and Tom Yum soup with shrimps.

People in Koishi

The concept and the physical appearance of KOISHI originated almost two years. But Janko Martinkovič began playing with an idea to open his own business decades ago. His dream got clearer outlines in 2006 when he found an ideal place for his plan in emerging gourmet district on Údolní Street.

Noritada Saito


Janko Martinkovič

owner, sommelier

With all due respect to the local sushi, I recommend everyone to try the second dimension of the menu. Unreal! Excellent harmony of pure tastes, Kambala with beef cheek, Zander with blood sausage, Jerusalem artichoke soup, coconut curry soup, unbelievable desserts – gastronomic top.
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