About us

KOISHI – restaurant focused on fish and sushi. The menu is composed of original and contemporary European cuisine closely linked to Asian elements.
The highest quality in seafood, saltwater fish and freshwater fish is essential to our chef’s preparation.

The accent of fresh ingredients forms the ideal conditions for sushi prepared by our Sushi Master – Noritada Saito.

This is not only the cornerstone of the philosophy by which we run our restaurant but it is the whole mosaic that adds to the further quality without which one could not fully grasp unless they visit us.

Meet the Sushi Master
Noritada Saito

Noritada Saito, the Czech Republic’s only true Sushi Master, was born in the Japanese city of Nagoya.

He inherited his talent in the culinary art from all of the men on his mother’s side and he nurtured it to perfection over his 30 years of experience.

Being a Sushi Master is not only his lifestyle but his life philosophy.

People in Koishi

The concept and the physical appearance of KOISHI originated almost two years. But Janko Martinkovič began playing with an idea to open his own business decades ago. His dream dot clearer outlines in 2006 when he found an ideal place for his plan in emerging gourmet district on Údolní Street.

Janko Martinkovič

owner, sommelier

With all due respect to the local sushi, I recommend everyone to try the second dimension of the menu. Unreal! Excellent harmony of pure tastes, Kambala with beef cheek, Zander with blood sausage, Jerusalem artichoke soup, coconut curry soup, unbelievable desserts – gastronomic top.
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