8th Annual Open Oysters Day – SOLD OUT

We cordially invite you to OPEN OYSTERS DAY.

Come to KOISHI at ÚDOLNÍ 11 on October 14. This year’s theme is CZECHO-SLOVAKIA.

Also this year, we have an irresistible tip for spending the second Sunday in October in utter bliss and abundance.
Unlimited consumption of thousands of oysters with entertainment by actors Tomáš Matonoha and Pavel Liška is only the beginning. They reign on the podium where a fierce fight in the opening of the shells takes place.
Then comes the traditional scene by Janko Martinkovič and his accomplices. As always, its plot will be a surprise. But for sure we will be grabbing our bellies laughing.
Winners of the competition and the tombola will not be able to go home on their own. It is hard to walk through Brno with a carton of wine or a magnum bottle in hands while being tipsy.
In addition to seafood, you can taste a fine dining version of Czecho-Slovak dishes and for the first time on the Open Oysters Day also sushi from Japanese masters.

Motto: all you can eat and drink

TICKETS: Available at the bar in KOISHI restaurant and PETIT wine bar. Price: 4.500 CZK

We look forward to an exceptional experience in your company.

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